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Leaseweb launches Leaseweb Cloud Connect

Leaseweb launched its hybrid cloud solution, Leaseweb Cloud Connect. Leaseweb’s new solution allows customers to seamlessly connect their Leaseweb-hosted infrastructure to their public cloud or hyper-scaler environment and to allow sharing of data and applications between them. With its partnership with Megaport, Leaseweb Cloud Connect will initially provide connectivity to AWS, with plans already in place to add other leading hyper-scalers during this year. It is designed for businesses that require the flexibility to move workloads between hyper-scalers and Leaseweb’s infrastructure.

According to the announcement, users can select different connectivity speeds between 100Mbps and 10Gbps. According to the announcement, the new solution also offers an elegant, tailored, and cost-effective solution to address the lack of customization that many businesses experience. Nikolaos Kolestsas, Product Manager, Leaseweb Global said,

“Leaseweb Cloud Connect provides businesses with an efficient way to build secure networks that interconnect Cloud infrastructures across Leaseweb and public clouds. The new offering delivers a hybrid cloud solution that allows businesses to use a public cloud for development, PaaS functions, one-off workloads, and big data platforms, all while leveraging Leaseweb for business-critical applications and associated data or specific production environments. Megaport’s Software Defined Network provides the scalable, secure connectivity to cloud onramps to ensure peak performance. This approach minimizes infrastructure costs and increases the speed at which organizations can bring new products and services to market.”

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