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Today’s best weight loss teas

The best weight loss teas today include Docy, Tam Diep, Golean, Vy tea or American ones. Losing weight with tea is a very good and effective method that many women are assured of and have used for a long time. Join us to discover 10+ effective and good weight loss teas for the body!

Currently, due to unscientific diets and activities, overweight is common among women. Are you following a strict diet or exercise regimen to lose weight? But you know what, you can not be so miserable and still have a slim figure, weight loss tea is the best solution for you.

What is weight loss tea?

Tea has been considered a medicine since ancient times. Up to a time, drinking tea was considered an elegant pleasure of the nobility. Then began to spread gradually to all classes. And recently weight loss tea started to appear

Weight loss tea is a type of tea with natural herbal ingredients or dried fruit. These herbs contain compounds that enhance fat metabolism, burn and metabolize energy more efficiently.

Top 5 loại trà giảm mỡ bụng vừa hiệu quả vừa tốt cho sức khoẻ!

General effects of weight loss teas

Each type of weight loss tea usually has a different formula and herbal ingredients. These herbs will have different effects, but the ultimate goal is to help you lose weight. A good weight loss tea will have the following main effects.

Boosts metabolism

Produces a thermogenic effect

Facilitates digestion

Reduces appetite

The Best Weight Loss Tea List Today

You have heard that there are many weight loss tea products being sold in the market. It can be difficult for you to find product information to choose the right one. We are sharing 10+ safe and effective weight loss tea products that are trending in the market today.

DetoxIfy reduces blood fat: visceral fat reduction pills for fast weight loss

Detoxify is a product dedicated to the elimination of visceral fat, applying the natural weight loss technology Enzyme Inhibitor, which does not cause dehydration or loss of appetite like other diet pills. Helps you lose belly fat and weight slowly and consistently, as recommended by scientists.


Conjugated Stock Extract – Imported from France

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Lotus Leaf Extract

Confidence Extract

Red orange–imported from the United States


Reduce the absorption of fat and avoid excess fat.

Inhibits the conversion of starch to glucose.

Reduce fat in difficult areas, such as abdomen, waist, biceps, calves,…

Reduces visceral fat, prevents fatty liver, lipemia,…

Mental stability, reduced stress and anti-fatigue during weight loss.

Helps to sleep better and deeper.

Control blood sugar and bad cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis.

Increases satiety, reduces hunger and limits calorie absorption from food.

Inhibits fat synthesis and releases energy.

Suppresses appetite, affects blood lipids, and reduces oxidation in the body.

Detoxifies the body and reduces the weight of water accumulated in the body.

Eliminates white fat cells and prevents the creation of new white fat cells.

1 day. Feel the process of absorbing and removing excess fat from the body

1 week : Significant decrease in appetite and 3-4 cm reduction in waistline

2 weeks : Support to improve the amount of blood lipids Support to improve the amount of blood fat attached to the intestinal wall and other internal parts, and to improve the amount of fat in the liver, kidneys, and intestines to stabilize below 10%

1 month. Stable health, happy spirit, average weight loss of 7-10 kg, catching up with new eating habits

2 months. Support to improve the amount of fat in the intestinal wall and other internal parts, improve the amount of fat in the liver, kidneys, intestines to a stable level of less than 10%

How to use

Disposal and weight loss 3 => 5KG To completely remove toxic fat from the body, take 4 tablets/day, divided into 2 times. Use 30 minutes before or after meals

Duration. Recommended for 30-60 days of treatment.

Stable weight loss 8 => 10KG: To maintain the stability and balance of glucose and cholesterol in the body.


Detoxification and Lipid Lowering Visceral Fat Weight Loss Pill is currently priced at VND686,000/box. To avoid buying fake products, you should order DetoxFly from the genuine website here. When you buy here, you will be advised by a weight loss expert and receive many discounts.

Herbslim Brown Rice Nutritional Weight Loss Tea by Lin

Herbslim Brown Rice Nutritional Weight Loss Tea is a great supplement to help metabolize excess fat and adjust the diet of overweight and obese people.

Herbslim Lingzhi Brown Rice Nutritional Tea, with 100% ingredients from rare natural ingredients, brings perfect health, nutritional supplement, protects the digestive system, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes heart rate for diabetic heart patients, clears heat, detoxifies and nourishes the skin


Whole grain brown rice with dragon’s blood exhaust (≥60%).

Green black beans.

Red Reishi (5%).


Red apples.

Son tra.



Nutritional supplement; helps metabolize excess fat and adjusts the diet for overweight and obese people.

Helps lower cholesterol and stabilize heart rate in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Helps reduce the risk of perimenopausal disorders

Helps with digestion, cleansing and detoxification

Collagen Slim – A product that helps with both weight loss and skin beautification Collagen Slim will help you lose 5-7 kg quickly in just one month! The more you use it, the more beautiful you look and support to promote health!

In particular, the manufacturer guarantees that the customer will not experience any side effects during the use of Collagen Slim.

Collagen Slim is the perfect combination of natural ingredients imported directly from Japan that support weight loss.


There are 7 rare medicinal ingredients that can be mentioned, including.

Spirulina, also known as Spirulina: contains a large number of nutrients. Spirulina has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, reverses the risk of heart disease, helps lower blood pressure and prevents the risk of stroke.

Low-calorie cocoa that is moderately sweet and helps create a feeling of fullness while suppressing hunger.


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