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Top 7 most advanced aluminum types today

High-grade aluminum used to produce glass and aluminum doors is a very popular product on the market today manufactured from high quality materials. High-grade aluminum is used for large-scale projects such as commercial centers, hotels, large restaurants, resorts … or civil works such as villas, high-class apartments …

Nhi Ha Furniture will provide information on high-grade aluminum available on the market to help you make the right choice for your home.

1. What is premium aluminum? Learn about the current high-grade aluminum

Referring to high-end products are products made from good materials and have a higher value than usual, manufactured from famous and prestigious suppliers in the world with modern technology lines. and has a large product coverage. High-end product lines often have high prices, so they are also picky about consumers.

High-grade aluminum is aluminum produced from high-quality aluminum bars on the most modern technological lines with high precision to each millimeter, meeting international quality standards.

2. High-grade aluminum doors

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There are many different types of high-grade aluminum doors on the market today to meet the increasingly rich and diverse needs of customers. Within the framework of this article Nihao furniture, we would like to send some common high-grade aluminum doors to our customers for your reference when needed.

2.1. Imported red seal Xingfa aluminum door

It is a kind of door assembled by red stamped aluminum profiles imported from Xingfa, the thickness of aluminum profile strips is 1.4mm-2.0mm, which can be used to make many different designs such as facades, windows and doors.

It is a famous high-grade aluminum door with reasonable price and the most used in the world, and its quality is highly appreciated by customers in Vietnam.

2.2. Malaysia PMI aluminum door

This is a kind of aluminum imported from Malaysia, and its aluminum profile bar structure is similar to that of the Red Seal Hing Fong line. However, the surface of the aluminum strip is usually smooth, unlike the angularity of the Hingfat aluminum.

The thickness of aluminum strips is about 1.4mm-2.5mm, which is suitable for doors and windows with many beautiful designs.

2.3. Insulated aluminum doors

Insulated aluminum bridges are quite unique in design, with insulation strips arranged inside the aluminum strips to help minimize heat transfer between the inside and outside of the door. Insulated aluminum bridges can come from many different aluminum brands, such as. Xingfa Insulated Aluminum Bridge, PMI Insulated Aluminum Bridge, German Civro Aluminum, HMA Aluminum, JMA Aluminum …..

2.4. Hopper American Aluminum Doors

As a high quality imported American aluminum series with high load bearing capacity, effective sound insulation and luxurious design… …Hopo aluminum is becoming increasingly popular among Vietnamese consumers.

High-grade Hopo aluminum is one of the high-grade aluminum series and is currently one of the most perfect choices for high-grade projects such as villas, cottages, and high-end hotels in Vietnam …..

2.5. German Roto Aluminum Door

As a high quality aluminum line imported from Germany, it is one of the top three high-grade aluminum doors chosen for use in many famous projects in European countries.

High-quality Roto aluminum with Roto synchronized accessories will bring customers high aesthetic, high quality, high luxury and high modernity products.

2.6. German Civro Aluminum Doors

German Civro Aluminum is a brand originated from Germany, one of the cradle of the world industry. Under the quality control process of European standard, the quality of the products will be perfectly reflected in every detail.

The combination of Civro high-grade aluminum with synchronized accessories from Civro (Germany), Cmech (USA) or Sobinco (Belgium) will create products of perfect quality.

Civro products use Anode surface treatment technology (electroplating), so the color fastness of aluminum is absolute and makes a big difference in aesthetics.

2.7. Polished EBM aluminum doors

EBM high-grade aluminum products are manufactured from aluminum profiles of high quality brand ALUSKA (Poland), along with original imported accessories of leading European brands, such as. Roto, Ponzio… High quality products will be created to meet the different needs of our customers.

With the popularity of high grade aluminum doors, such as imported Hingfa, PMI aluminum, Civro aluminum, Hopo aluminum …. , EBM aluminum doors are also becoming more and more popular and trusted by many customers for project installation. Mine.

3. Price list of high-grade aluminum doors

High-grade aluminum doors are beautiful, luxurious and modern, and can meet the strict requirements of the most demanding customers. Each high-grade aluminum brand, there will be different prices, but the price of high-grade aluminum doors is not too different.

If you have construction and installation needs of high-grade aluminum doors, you can directly call our hotline: 0938.335.686 for free consultation and the most accurate quotation, please contact Nihao Furniture.

4. Structure and outstanding features of high-grade aluminum doors

German high-grade aluminum Roto

– Roto aluminum rods are one of the high-grade aluminum products produced in Germany since 1935, designed and manufactured by the world’s leading Roto fittings company. Roto aluminum rods meet European standards and their production process undergoes rigorous testing to produce high-quality aluminum products.

Roto aluminum is installed and used in many large and high-class construction projects such as villas, commercial centers, high-class apartment buildings, resorts

– Has a thick aluminum bar structure with many cavities combined with ribs to form tight joints, making the aluminum bar stronger and able to withstand strong impacts from environmental factors. Under pressures of up to 1600 Pascals, the bars remain intact without warping or deformation.

The surface of Roto’s high-grade aluminum bars is treated with an anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation layer and covered with a smooth layer of paint, which is dispersed using the most advanced spray


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