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Top 10 most famous high heel shoe brands.

High heels are considered an indispensable beauty accessory for women. Over the years, the birth of a series of high-heeled shoe brands with innovative designs has given women unexpected confidence and charm. If you are really a fashionista, you will surely be interested in the top 10 famous high heel shoe brands below. Let’s read and admire the shoe brands below, maybe they are what you are looking for?

Salvatore Ferragamo

Founded by designer Salvatore Ferragamo in 1927 in Florence, Italy and started to gain popularity after World War II with more than 700 workers producing 350 pairs of shoes per day, the brand is one of the most popular brands. Icon of Italian fashion. Salvatore Ferragamo is extremely famous for Hollywood stars such as Marylin Monroe, Eva Peron…. Salvatore Ferragamo is known as the brand of stars.

Salvatore Ferragamo is considered the “king of shoes” of Italy. Salvatore shoes tend to be simple, leather-focused, and each pair takes 10 days to complete. The entire production process is meticulously carried out by 134 experts by hand, ensuring the most durable products for successful women.

Sergio Rossi

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Another name that can be seen on the red carpets of the world is Sergio Rossi. The Italian designer has been designing shoes since the age of 14, working in his family’s workshops. High heels brand Sergio Rossi with unique and new designs will make girls stand out.

The Sergio Rossi brand – with more than 90 stores worldwide and 100 online sales systems – was founded in 1950 by the designer of the same name in San Mauro Pascoli, Romagna, Italy. Currently, the Sergio Rossi brand is partner of many famous brands such as: Dolce & Gabbana, Gianni Versace, Azzedine Alaia. One of the most famous shoe models of the brand is the Opanca with knitted or perforated leather patches that hug the ankle like this.

With a pair of Sergio Rossi shoes, girls can confidently show their fashion style in combination with outfits.

Roger Vivier

It would be a big mistake not to mention a brand that is considered the father of high heels: Roger Vivier – the founder of the world famous high heel shoe company. Roger Vivier is one of the brands that made a name for high heels. That is why the high heels of this brand are always a very special experience.

Roger Viviver high heels have an extremely soft design, the heel is slightly curved to create a uniqueness that makes the girls’ outfits even more beautiful.

The new ideas and breakthroughs of this shoe brand have influenced the fashion trends of women all over the world.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a famous shoe brand from France, which was founded in 1991 by Christian Louboutin, who is also called the “Witch of Shoes”. Christian Louboutin is famous for its high heels with a height of 12 cm or more. As Christian Louboutin himself said, “I want to give women endless legs, and I can do that by designing high heels!”. Louboutin’s product that has just made a splash in the market is the beautiful Cinderella shoes, made of high-quality materials and studded with precious stones and crystals. Under the light they become transparent and sparkling, it is as if the wonderful shoes from a fairy tale appeared in real life.

To date, this brand has been in the fashion world for more than 30 years with its most magnificent and luxurious high heels. Christian Louboutin is the most expensive shoe brand in the world. The classic, unmistakable beauty of Louboutin shoes lies in the attractive red sole, which enhances a woman’s feminine beauty many times over. Every year, more than 50,000 pairs of Louboutin shoes are sold in more than 100 stores around the world, with prices ranging from $400 to $6,000.

Jimmy Choo

Talking about shoes without mentioning Jimmy Choo is a big omission. The brand from the United Kingdom has appeared on the fashion map only since 1986, but it has quickly become a global phenomenon with youthful, modern, but equally charming designs… Jimmy Choo models always have a clean, elegant shape, the details make the shoes very slim and feminine, suitable for many outfits.

All the strict requirements we have for a shoe can be found in the designs of Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo is determined with great taste, put on the most artistic heels. If women are looking for boldness and confidence in high heels, Jimmy Choo is the perfect choice.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik is a famous shoe brand in the international market. Manolo Blahnik is often called the saint of high heels. One of the glamour shoe models preferred by the majority of female customers is the gray shoe with modern cutouts, which is suitable for any occasion. The elegance of the expensive jewelry for the feet will make it difficult for the girls to refuse it. One of the factors that make Manolo Blahnik shoes so expensive is the material used. Some of the most expensive shoes of the company are made of crocodile leather – the crocodile Blixa.

“Manolo!” – The exclamation becomes the catchphrase of Carrie Bradshaw – the main character in the hit movie “Sex in the city”. “Manolo” is not just a word in the script, but Manolo Blahnik – a famous brand of shoes from the land of bulls. This name has become a legend among ladies who are fascinated by shoe designs that perfectly show off women’s ivory feet. Manolo Blahnik shoes come in a variety of styles and colors that can also be perfectly combined. Although they don’t have the impressive personality of Louboutin shoes, they are very feminine and sophisticated.


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