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Top 10 best quality smart sofa bed today

Sofa bed today is used quite commonly, especially in small apartments and offices. Sofa bed not only brings aesthetic beauty, luxury to the space but also a place to relax and rest comfortably for the user. However, choosing to buy a sofa bed is the most asked question. Because not all smart sofa beds are suitable for the space of the house. Here Funika would like to introduce to you a list of 10 best smart sofa bed models that are suitable for your apartment.

1. Small folding smart sofa bed DA-108

A single sofa bed with a width of only 120cm, but a length of up to 200cm when reclining into a bed, just enough for one person to lie down and sit comfortably. Divided into 3 parts with many custom height and low backrest options.

Fabric and felt cover material, removable, easy to clean. Compact size, light weight, easy to move, suitable for the office when taking a nap or taking it out to use when guests come to play at home.

2. Smart sofa bed 937

Although the living room or office is small, when you use a multi-function sofa bed, it can completely create a cozy, relaxing and comfortable space. The handleless sofa has a compact and elegant design that does not feel heavy when placed in a small room. The high and airy sofa legs make it easy to clean, quite convenient when moving.

3. Sofa pulls into smart bed 866

Giới thiệu về ghế sofa giường gỗ thông minh

With the simple, elegant design of a traditional sofa model, it is suitable for most home spaces. The standard sofa size is 177 cm wide and 185 cm long when lying down into a bed, quite spacious for 2.3 people to sit or lie comfortably, suitable for living rooms of moderate size.

4. Sofa bed with intelligent storage compartment F899

If you want to have a three-in-one product that is both a sofa for reception and a bed with a large storage compartment for storing many things, this is absolutely a perfect choice. The length of the bed is about 170×190 cm and can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people.

The storage compartment is designed to be hidden under the seat, so it is large and divided into many different storage compartments. In addition to this section, the armrests of the sofa are equipped with pockets for storing books and newspapers, which is very convenient. The soft premium fabric combined with the highly elastic foam padding creates a comfortable feeling when sitting and lying down.

5. 866 Wooden Armrest Sofa Bed with Smart Table

The living room is large and has a lot of wooden furniture, so choose a smart sofa bed with wooden sofa armrests to create a harmonious match with the overall living room style.

6. Smart sofa bed with 7008 . USB charging port

If you choose this large size 7008 sofa, when lying down into a bed, immediately there will be a 190x190cm wide bed space, comfortable for the whole family 3.4 people in the living room to watch movies, relax or sleep. The armrest of the sofa is designed with a rounded shape in the classic European style direction, creating a prominent and impressive space for the living room.

7. S098 Smart Corner Sofa Bed with Bluetooth Music Speaker

The high-grade natural wood frame has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 500 kg, suitable for 2.3 people to lie down comfortably. Luxurious L-shaped sofa design, suitable for spacious living room space, L-shaped angle can be flexibly changed. Soft upholstery and cushions with matching colored cushions create accents for the sofa.

In particular, there are two convenient drawers directly below the armrests of the sofa to help you store books, remote controls or other small items. under the L corner is a large storage compartment for blankets, pillows, etc. Compared to other sofa beds, this smart sofa bed is also equipped with the most modern entertainment technology with a speaker system. Bluetooth music, USB port is very convenient.

8. Multi-purpose sofa bed 909A

This is a smart sofa bed with a simple and elegant design with the style of a traditional sofa set. The size of the sofa is 200cm long, quite long and wide enough for 3.4 people to sit comfortably and turn into a 170x190cm bed when lying down, it is suitable for living rooms with a slightly wider area. There are also 2 boxes on either side of the sofa armrest to put water cups, so you don’t have to lean on the table, which is very convenient.

9. Smart bunk sofa bed 9026

If you want to choose a sofa bed for your two little ones, but they don’t want to sleep together, this is definitely a perfect choice. When converted into a bed, the sofa forms a separate spacious bunk bed and has stairs to climb to the 2nd floor.

10. Round Sofa Bed BK-6021

The smart round sofa bed has a youthful and unique design style that creates a modern and outstanding feel for your room. With spacious size up to 200x205cm, it is suitable for the whole family of 3-4 people.

It is not easy to find a suitable smart sofa bed, then you need to find a reputable address with years of experience in distributing imported sofas.Funika is the number one brand of smart sofas in Vietnam – it brings hundreds of genuine imported sofa bed models in a wide range of sizes, designs, colors and materials. The products are offered at the best prices to customers nationwide.


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