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Top 10 most used high-grade aluminum doors in Vietnam

Currently, the door market in Vietnam is very diverse in door materials. One of them is the door made of aluminum and glass. This type of door has very good light ability, high durability, effective soundproofing, luxury and modernity… In this article, we would like to introduce to you 9 types of high-class aluminum doors that are widely used in Vietnam. Male.

High-grade aluminum doors are widely used in Vietnam.

1. Vietnamese French aluminum door

As a joint venture brand that appeared quite early because it is domestically produced by Viet Phap Aluminum Joint Stock Company in Tu Liem Industrial Park, Hanoi and market orientation, Viet Phap aluminum brand is quite famous in the country. Vietnamese French aluminum products are reasonably priced, so they are suitable for Vietnamese consumers.

Update 2020: In 2020, Viet Phap aluminum brand launches to the market a product line of high-class insulated aluminum bridge doors with MAXAL brand, advanced Anode painting technology, warranty up to 20 years on color.

2. Hyundai Aluminum Door

Also a well-known brand, produced by 100% foreign-invested Hyundai Aluminum VINA Joint Stock Company, was established in 2006 and has a main factory in Hung Yen Province. This product is also distributed by many distribution systems and agents in many provinces and cities in the country. Aluminum thickness is from 1.2mm for the door system, but in return the facade system is the advantage of this aluminum line with a high thickness of 1.2 – 2.3mm.

Báo Giá Cửa Nhôm Xingfa Nhập Khẩu Đẹp Giá Rẻ Chính Hãng 2022

3. High-class aluminum doors Vietnam Japan Hondalex

Although Viet Phap aluminum variety appeared early on the market, but with thin thickness, it has not met the needs of many customers at this time.

Update 2020: Japanese Hondalex aluminum doors are now being used by many high-end projects and regained customer market share in recent years. Currently, Viet Nhat Hondalex aluminum has high-end versions such as LV56, LV60, and especially the super-premium LV150 using anode plating technology to bring new quality and class to high-class villa projects.

4. High-grade aluminum and glass doors AG . system

As a brand of the entire ZHONGKAI group, the structure is similar to Xingfa aluminum but has a cheaper price. This product is receiving the attention of customers with moderate investment, saving investment costs. But in general, AG aluminum products have quite good quality compared to the investment value.

5. High quality JMA aluminum door

Produced in Guangdong, China under the brand name of Guangdong JMA Aluminum Profile Factory (Group) Co., Ltd. JMA brand has quite good quality, paint color is painted with the most advanced aluminum anode technology today, absolute salt vapor resistance. JMA aluminum door product line is decentralized to the market with 2 product lines in Vietnam market: JMA chamfered (cheap) and JMA insulated aluminum bridge (high-end line).

6. PMI . high-grade aluminum door

Is a high-end product imported from Malaysia with a structure similar to Xingfa aluminum but with a smooth surface. Having the same thickness as xingfa aluminum doors, this product is now also used a lot and is gradually becoming more popular.

7. High-grade aluminum door Xingfa Guangdong

With a thickness of 1.4 – 2.0mm is the most used high-end product today, Xingfa originates from China, although it is a Chinese brand that is not very sympathetic, but in fact this product ranks 4th in the world. The world of aluminum profiles production brand. Currently, there are many domestic units that also produce Xingfa aluminum doors (temporarily called Xingfa Vietnam) with a thickness of 1.4 – 1.8mm, so the quality is not as good as the imported line, please note.

8. Insulated aluminum bridge door

Is a high-end line designed completely different from the above aluminum products. Currently, there are brands of insulated glass and aluminum doors such as: Xingfa, WEIYE, Schuco, Reynaers, Technal, Hopo, Civro, HMA. This is a high-priced high-end aluminum line that is often used for high-end housing.

9. Maxpro high-grade aluminum door

Designed according to European standards, bringing high value to each project. Maxpro luxury aluminum and glass door version with thickness up to 2.6mm, car foam EPDM gasket, paint color using high-grade anode plating technology will surely meet the most stringent requirements of homeowners.

10. Austdoor high-grade aluminum doors:

Referring to the Austdoor brand, customers must have known this brand in the field of high-end rolling doors. And now Austdoor launched Topal Aluminum Profile product line including 04 versions (Topal Prima, Topal Slima, Topal XFAD, Topal XFEC). Each version will have its own advantages, please explore more details here: Topal aluminum doors

Above are the Top 10 types of high-class aluminum and glass doors that are used a lot in Vietnam, and some other types of high-class aluminum doors are ordered and stamped separately by a few units, most of these aluminum bars are used. Exclusively do not sell out for the purpose of making your own brand.

NOTE: The best-selling type of aluminum door today is the Guangdong imported xingfa door. This is a product line with good quality and not too expensive price, so it is a top priority for investors.


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