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Top 20 most popular shoe brands in the world today

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude, elevating you both physically and emotionally.” Dear Dep365 shoe addicts! Have you memorized the most sought-after world famous shoe brands? Take a look at Dep365 to see how many “shoe girls” she has in her collection.

Each shoe brand brings you new colors and each shoe has its own personality and charm.

1. Nike shoe brand

The first brand that Dep365 suggested to her was Nike’s American shoes. With the logo “Swoosh” and the slogan “Just do it” – Nike has produced hundreds of millions of shoes and cares for every step around the world.

Throughout its history, Nike has always applied the most modern and advanced technology to perfect and improve the quality of its products. Not only that, the company also pays great attention to environmental protection when recycling old products to make innovative new products.

With a youthful taste in shoes and a wide distribution system, Nike has always affirmed its attraction in the world “shoe fashion village”. And it is not surprising that the top stars in the sports industry like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar,

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are “customers” of Nike shoes

2. Converse shoes

According to some surveys, up to 70% of young people in Europe own at least one pair of Converse shoes in their shoe collection. This confirms the great appeal of the shoe company with simple but “magical” shoe models.

When she thinks of Converse, she immediately thinks of shoes made of canvas fabric and with sturdy rubber soles, but they are no less youthful and trendy.

Converse shoes are considered relatively inexpensive, the style is easy to combine with many fashion tastes and suitable for many age groups.

3. Supreme shoe brand

Supreme is known as a luxury fashion brand specializing in American sporting goods, which has “big” sales all over the world. Their products are popular with young people, not only shoes, clothes and accessories.

Supreme prefers a strong sporty style, so its shoes are also a bit liberal, a bit bunker, very slick and diverse in design. Not only the high price, the number of Supreme shoes is also limited, so shoe lovers have to work hard to get a shoe in the collection.

4. Adidas shoes

If you list the most famous shoe brands in the world but ignore Adidas, it is a big omission. Adidas is an iconic fashion brand from Germany, which is known as the “tycoon” of the global footwear industry. Moreover, Adidas is one of the most widely used footwear brands today.

The reason why Adidas has such a wide range is that its sports shoes have many segments, from popular to high-class, and suitable for many people’s pockets.

Not only that, with the continuous improvement in production technology, Adidas shoes always bring a comfortable feeling to users.

5. new balance shoe brand

Footwear products are very popular in many Asian countries. Although New Balance is a popular shoe brand, it has also created an undeniable attraction, which is not inferior to other famous shoe brands. New Balance sneakers are the perfect combination of fashion, comfort and price. The company offers comfortable, durable and beautiful sports shoes at reasonable prices that will please users’ feet for a long time.

6. valentino shoes

Since their introduction, Valentino shoes have marked an elegant and luxurious style, which is carefully maintained from the stitching to the cut to the materials. Both the athletic shoes and the high-heeled shoes of this brand leave a lasting impression on people who love shoes. Thanks to the care of the company, Valentino shoes have a high price and are not sold in large quantities.

7. Charles & Keith brand shoes

Shoes of the brand Charles & Keith “score” among the believers in beauty by their simplicity, which is not inferior to the aesthetics. In addition, the price of Charles & Keith brand shoes is quite affordable, so many people gladly choose them. The growing distribution network of Charles & Keith also helps the brand to join the list of the most popular shoe brands in the world.

8. Jimmy Choo Fashion Shoes

Jimmy Choo is a very famous high-end footwear brand. The shoes from England convey a graceful, youthful and modern beauty. She will feel very confident in a pair of smooth, sparkling Jimmy Choo shoes.

9. famous shoe brand Balenciaga.

Known for its unique and distinctive shoe brand, Balenciaga has always made a name for itself in the hearts of the public. It was Balenciaga who “advertised” a “bread” and “ugly” sole shoe. This kind of shoes became a phenomenon and has continuously achieved great success, along with the growing popularity of beauty followers around the world.

9. famous shoe brand Balenciaga.

Balenciaga is famous for its unique and distinctive shoe brand, and has always made a name for itself in the hearts of the public. It was Balenciaga who “advertised” a “bread” and “ugly” sole shoe. This kind of shoes became a phenomenon and has continuously achieved great success, along with the growing popularity of beauty followers around the world.

11. Christian Louboutin High Heels Brand

There is no “pumpkin girl” who does not dream of Christian Louboutin stylish and trendy red soles, which have become legendary. The highlight of Christian Louboutin heels is the iconic red outsole. Thanks to the continuous efforts to improve product quality over the years, despite the extremely high cost, Christian Louboutin high heels still have a large number of annual sales and get the love of customers.


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