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Top 10 high-end men’s hat brands on the market

1. Nike

Nike is a worldwide sportswear brand. And among them indispensable accessories are high-end men’s caps. With the crescent-shaped logo, Nike swept the world fashion village with conjoined hats for walking around the city, playing tennis, golfing, etc. However, these models are often quite expensive compared to the general income of people. Vietnamese.

2. Adidas

Like Nike, Adidas is also a cult fashion brand. Not only known for its youthful and dynamic sports shoes, its hats are also popularly used. You can easily recognize Adidas’ brand with the signature 3-Stripes logo on the products.

3. Balenciaga


Baleanciaga is a prominent fashion brand in recent years. T-shirts and boots of this brand have become a worldwide trend. Along with that, a cap model with a color-only rental brand became an inseparable object of many Korean and Vietnamese stars.

4. Puma

Puma is also a high-end men’s hat brand that many people choose. The striding leopard logo brings a strong sense of health and shows bravery, true to the taste of gentlemen. Puma’s main product is a cap used for sports activities.

Hình Thật] Mũ Lưỡi Trai | Nón Kết Nam Thể Thao Puma | Shopee Việt Nam

5. New York

If you are already a hat fan, then the NY brand is certainly a familiar name. This is a men’s hat brand that is well known in both the US and UK. It is not difficult to recognize the image of American stars and young men wearing this brand of hats in the street. Quite a dynamic fashion design with good quality and prices that are not “easy to breathe”.

6. Los Angeles

Like New York, Los Angeles is a cult fashion brand. LA is a brand that is actively promoted by Hollywood and Asian stars. Hats rented with the LA logo have become the dream of many fashionistas.

7. Burberry

As a brand from England, Burberry is known for its sophisticated luxury products. The brand’s signature plaid hats have been popularized by Vietnamese celebrities in the recent fashion world. These high-end men’s hats are not cheap either, showing the level and tolerance of their owners.

8. Stussy

Stussy is a brand of men’s accessories loved by young people around the world. The young, dynamic design, simple and modern style has won the hearts of many young people. the price of Stussy products is also more affordable than other popular products.

9. Peaceminusone

Peaceminusone is a fashion brand founded by Big Bang leader G. Dragon. Although the price is not very comfortable, it has caused a craze in Asia by constantly being snapped up in stores within a short time of launching its hat line. The products of this brand’s hats are notable for the long cords on the back of the hats.

10. Con Son

A high-end hat brand that almost every Vietnamese knows is the Non Son brand. This brand offers a wide range of hats for all different audiences and ages. This brand is loved by many customers due to its good quality, unique and creative design.

Introducing Coolmate’s high-end men’s hats

Another great option is the Coolmate brand of high-end men’s hats.

Using durable and comfortable cotton material and a standard hat shape with sharp seams, coolmate men’s hats promise to provide you with a great product. The neutral black color will allow you to always show your personality in every streetwear outfit.

With many different textures to choose from, it is sure to please you.


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