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Perfume is an intense form of memory that cannot be forgotten. The sense of scent on the body is very strong and creates emotions for the opposite person. The longer the perfume lasts, the more confident you are about your body scent. Which scent to choose or how to use to make the fragrance last for a long time is a question of many people. Let’s find out with Vperfume!

Factors affecting the smell of perfume

To find a women’s perfume bottle with good scent retention, we must first understand what factors affect the scent’s durability. And what ingredients in perfume make perfume last longer? Let’s see together.

Concentration of essential oils in perfume

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The concentration of essential oils in a perfume determines the longevity of the scent. The higher the percentage of essential oils, the longer the fragrance will stay, and vice versa. Therefore, perfume brands will have their own formulas to play with, depending on the different needs of the user.

Perfumes with the highest concentration of essential oils (20 – 30%), therefore the scent lasts the longest and some excellent perfumes can maintain the scent for 24 hours.

Eau de toilette with the highest concentration of essential oils (12 – 20%) keeps the scent for an average of 6-8 hours

Eau de toilette concentrations with the least amount of essential oils (5-12%) should only last 3-4 hours

Cologne concentration or floral water concentration. 1 – 5 %

The pure form of perfume oil (perfume essential oil) contains 60-98% of aromatic essential oil content. Does not contain alcohol, so it is difficult to evaporate and the fragrance lasts. Brings irreplaceable harmony. In addition, this is the reason why the concentration of pure essential oils is up to 84% and the scent of French perfume oils lasts the longest.

Composition of fragrance / molecular structure

Perfume essential oils are made up of molecules. The size of the molecules that make up the fragrance of a perfume has a certain correlation with the scent.

Citrus scents tend to have small molecules. The linking circuit is less durable and tends to break the structure. (A light, fresh scent). The size of the molecule also determines how quickly it oxidizes. Smaller molecules, such as those that make up citrus scents oxidize quickly because they have few electrons to send out. That is why, citrus scents dissipate more quickly. Scents from the citrus family (tangerine, mandarin, etc.) tend to smell easier than warm, sweet scents. Also, these scents can have less grip.

Sweet, musky scents have large molecules. Complex molecular bonds are more difficult to break …… (The scent is passionate, sweet and seductive) Woody, musky molecules are very complex. There are more electrons to send out before it disappears. Certain types of synthetic musk have very large and complex molecules. So much so that they can last for days on your skin.

The group of fragrances in perfume

Perfumes are extracted from flowers, plants, fruits, precious woods or from animals, refined, distilled and used in different proportions to create different fragrances.

Each fragrance group has a different evaporation time, resulting in different fragrance retention, also depending on the proportion of more or less essential oils.

The floral and fruity fragrance groups alone have a duration of 5-7 hours.

The floral group combined with woody, or musky, notes for 8-10 hours

Pure woody scents for about 12 hours.

Woody or surly scents (a sharp blend of oakmoss, patchouli and orange) last the longest. Tropical fruit or floral scents are the most unstable.

Oriental, musky and woody fragrances have notes of vanilla, amber, musk and oud. Tends to be one of the longest lasting scents.

The user’s skin location

Everyone has a different skin type, some people have dry skin and others have oily skin. The moisture on the skin will affect the scent on it. For example, people who sweat a lot will make the fragrance fade faster. People who have oily sweat will smell extra long. The fragrance in the perfume will bind better to the oils in the skin. And the scent stays on longer. Of course, skin conditions will make choosing which perfume lasts the longest for each person different.

Weather affects the longevity of perfumes

Weather is an important factor in determining the longevity of a perfume. Hot weather will help a perfume smell strong, but it will evaporate quickly. Conversely, cold weather will make the perfume smell less, but the scent lasts longer.

High ambient temperatures can damage the structure of the perfume, which will not only lose the scent quickly, but also change the original fragrance. Since perfume or essential oil is also a liquid, it will evaporate faster at higher temperatures. Therefore, the fragrance will last longer in winter than in summer.

Floral or warm fragrances hold their scent the longest in winter, while tropical scents will not feel right when used in winter, and tropical scents are only suitable for summer, hot days and travel. Sea. The weather is dry and windy, and the scent tends to evaporate fast.

10 Women’s Perfumes with Bad Scent Duration

Which women’s perfume scent lasts the longest is a question for many women, the longer the scent stays on, the more it helps you express your personality and confidence in your body odor. Currently, 80% of women’s fragrances have a scent retention time of 3-6 hours, and only 1-5% have a scent retention time of 12 hours or more. If you are looking for the female perfume that lasts the longest in the above 1-5%, let’s go through the following top 10 female perfume bottles that have a scent retention time of more than 12 hours right away!


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