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TOP 10 best skin whitening pills today and long lasting effect

Women know many different secrets and methods of skin whitening. Including the use of oral supplements and functional foods. Today’s article explores the best skin whitening pills today that bring long-term whitening effects!

General information about skin whitening pills

Skin whitening pill is a functional food containing many beneficial ingredients for the skin. When used effectively, it helps to make the skin brighter, whiter and healthier. Often they are used in combination with topical products to bring about positive results.

Some of the common ingredients present in skin whitening pills are vitamin C, B vitamins, Collagen, Glutathione, antioxidants, etc. Using skin whitening pills is a method of promoting quick effects. , make the skin white evenly, the effectiveness is highly appreciated.

Top 10 best skin whitening pills today

1. Ritana Skin Whitening Ecogreen Tablets

Ritana Skin Whitening is considered a breakthrough in skin whitening products thanks to a modern extract formula from the United States. The product contains the main ingredients are Pomegranate extract, cherry blossom extract, L-Glutathione, P. Leucotomos, Collagen Peptide. Using Ritana Skin Whitening tablets for a period of 2 weeks – 2 months will notice a noticeable change in skin color. White skin turns on tone, natural rosy, fades dark spots, firmness and healthy shine.

Những viên uống trắng da tốt nhất hiện nay, được nhiều chị em tin dùng

Product price reference. 650,000 VND.

2. Maihada collagen tablets restore damaged skin

Collagen Maihada is a famous oral tablet product from the land of cherry blossoms in Japan. The product consists of collagen, polyphenols and multivitamins to improve skin health. It is most prominent for its ability to lighten skin, fade dark spots, regenerate damaged skin, and restore firmness to aging skin.

Product price reference. 450,000 VND.

3. Glutathione White 800 oral tablet reduces skin pigmentation

One of the products on the list of the best skin whitening pills today is Glutathione White 800 from Rose Chem, U.S.A. The main ingredients of the product are glutathione, ALA and vitamin C, which have the effect of inhibiting melanin production, reducing melasma, whitening naturally and delaying aging.

Product price reference: VND265,000.

4. DHC Adelaide Extract Oral Tablets for Natural Skin Whitening

DHC skin whitening pills from Japan had caused a sensation in the beauty and skin care industry for its fast and effective skin whitening effect.

It includes many beneficial ingredients for skin such as barley extract, vitamin E, pearl powder, beeswax,… The whitening effect of DHC Oral Tablet works from the inside out, nourishing to prevent dry skin and protect the skin. Protects the skin from environmental effects.

Product price reference. 480,000 VND / 60 tablets pack

5. Transino White C Clear Oral Tablets for Rapid Skin Whitening

When it comes to the best skin whitening tablets available today, it is impossible to ignore Transino White C Clear. Belonging to a high-end product line, Transino’s oral tablets are particularly effective in treating melasma, preventing aging and brightening the skin faster than expected.

The main ingredients of Transino White C Clear are group B vitamins, vitamin C, L-cysteine, and vitamin E. Using this pill according to the correct regimen will result in visibly whiter, healthier and more vibrant glowing skin.

Product price reference. 500,000 VND. 6.

6. Relumins – Natural Skin Whitening Pills The product that never seems to be absent in today’s best skin whitening pills reviews is Relumins. this product originates from the USA and is produced using the technology of extracting EGF horse placental stem cells. Accompanied by ingredients of glutathione and vitamin E, Relumins oral tablets advertise their use for treating melasma, improving skin brightening, providing nutrients and helping healthy skin. Product price reference. 790,000 VND. 7. Ivory Cap promotes new skin regeneration Ivory Cap Oral Tablets are trusted and appreciated by many women for providing fast, safe and long-lasting skin lightening results. The product contains ingredients glutathione, green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid, and silymarin, all of which are beneficial to the skin. Ivory Cap nourishes and cares for the skin, regenerates new skin cells, whitens and prevents aging. Product price reference. 540,000 VND. 8. NuBest White Pill whitens and protects the skin from sun damage

This product is approved by US FDA and has the effect of inhibiting melanin production, strong antioxidant, reducing dark spots and making the skin brighter and more even.

The main ingredients glutathione, L-cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E. In addition, NuBest White increases skin elasticity and anti-aging, due to its ability to stimulate collagen formation and strengthen skin structure.

Product price reference. 790,000 VND.

9. Pills can whiten the whole body

The main purpose of the product, produced by the French company Arkopharma, is to help whiten and moisturize the skin from within, helping the skin to stay young, healthy and radiant.

The ingredients of the pill include evening primrose oil, heliotrope oil, vitamin E. Following the correct procedure Perles De Peau can also prevent hyperpigmentation, increase elasticity and improve scars on the skin. ……

Product price reference. 466,000 VND.

10. Japanese Pure White C Pill The last product in our list of the best skin whitening pills to introduce today is Pure White C. This product comes from the famous Shiseido brand and has the effect of nourishing healthy and smooth white skin. Key ingredients Vitamin C, L-cysteine, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, …… Helps replenish nutrients beneficial to the skin, prevents melanin-induced skin darkening, increases skin resistance and protects the skin from the sun. External agent. Product price reference. 840,000 VND


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