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Top Best 5.1 movie theater today, great quality

Equipped with a modern sound system for home entertainment space to meet the needs of watching movies, listening to music is an essential need of users. The following article Bao Chau Elec will review 12 best 5.1 sound systems for watching movies and listening to music.

Owning movie theater sets at home, you will be able to enjoy good movies and quality music that are not inferior to any professional theater or cinema. Is it possible to stay at home with family after stressful working hours without worrying about choosing where to go to the cinema? What time to watch movies to avoid crowds?

Sound system 5.1 watching movies, listening to music Yamaha 10

Sound system 5.1 watching movies, listening to music Yamaha 10 was born to please even the most demanding customers. This is a home sound system that is synchronously coordinated from equipment from the Yamaha brand to meet the needs of watching movies and listening to music for a space of 15-20m2.

The configuration of the set includes:

– Music and movie speakers Yamaha NS-F51 (2 pcs) with 240W speaker capacity, 3-speaker design, including 2 16cm woofers and 1 3cm tweeter, powerful bass and smooth full-range sound, songs singing is wonderfully reproduced

Top 5 Dàn Âm Thanh 5.1 Giá Rẻ Với Đáng Mua Nhất Hiện Nay – VIDIA

– Yamaha NS-P150 speaker set (1 set) including 1 center speaker and 2 surround speakers is many new and advanced technologies applied to bring excellent sound quality.

– Yamaha NS-SW100 subwoofer (1 piece) for a continuous output of 50W at an impedance of 8 ohms, reproducing sounds in the frequency range 25Hz – 180Hz.

– Yamaha RX-V4A amplifier (1 piece) has 5.1 channels with powerful and excellent sound amplification. Operates at 80W/channel with an impedance of 8 ohms.

Karaoke system Listen to music + watch movies 5.1 Premium 01

Karaoke system listening to music + watching movies 5.1 – High-Class 01 suitable for an area of 20-40m2, meeting the growing needs of karaoke, listening to music, watching movies with sharp images, vivid sound of users requires products with high-end, modern configuration.

The configuration of the set includes:

– BIK BJ-S968 speaker (1 pair – used as front speakers) consists of 5 speakers, 3 lines, has an average capacity of 300W and reaches 650W peak level for evenly amplified sound throughout the room.

– BIK BJ-S768 speaker (1 pair – used as rear speakers) 220/500W power with 3 speakers, 2 ways with crossover tweeter design to prevent radiation for perfect sound reproduction

– 5.1 (5-channel) BIK BPC-A300+ (1 piece) power amplifier with 400W/CH power, with many functions and advanced technology for excellent sound processing.

– Wine No. 7.1 BIK BPC-R300+ (1 piece) easy correction, compact, beautiful design, high quality materials create durability for the product.

– BIK BP-S35 center speaker (1 piece – center speaker) 3 speakers, 2 lines, average power 300W, maximum 600W for powerful sound quality speakers.

– BIK BJ-W66PLUS Steam Sub speaker (1 piece) with power 400/800W, equipped with dual drivers with 2 25 cm bass speakers for vivid, excellent sound quality.

Sound system for movies 5.1 BC-11

Bao Chau Elec engineers want to make the sound quality of movies at home more authentic, vivid and powerful, so they have combined high-end audio equipment into a series of sound systems. 5.1 BC-11 movie promises to provide your family with the most enjoyable and perfect entertainment experience.

The configuration of the set includes:

– JBL Studio 680 speakers (1 pair) with 2 6.5″ (165mm) cone woofers made of PolyPlas and 1 1″ (25mm) tweeter with horn design and a maximum power of 200W.

– JBL Studio 665C speaker (1 center speaker) with a power of approximately 170W, suitable for reproducing a wide range of sounds

– JBL Studio 630 speaker (1 pair of bookshelf speakers) is a 2-way speaker system with 2 speakers, including 1 16.5cm bass speaker and 1 2.5cm tweeter.

The JBL Studio 660P subwoofer (1 piece) has a bass speaker with a diameter of 30.5 cm, which integrates the new PolyPlas technology into the design of the diaphragm, combined with a powerful capacity of 500W (continuous.) ) up to 1000W

– Amplifier Denon AVC-X6700- 11.2 channels (1 piece) is a high-end amplifier with 11.2 channels and a power of 140W/channel (8 ohms), made in Japan

Sound system for movies 5.1 Polk BC-03

The BC-03 5.1 cinema sound system is made by Bao Chau Elec of real music equipment from the famous brands Polk Audio, Denon combined to bring a great sound system that meets the needs of music listening, watching and listening to music. Movies in space of 10 – 20m2.

The configuration includes:

– Polk Audio S60 speakers (1 pair) consists of 4 high-end 3-way speakers that provide detailed, deep, powerful music performance with less noise and distortion.

– Polk Audio S15 speakers (1 pair) are exclusive Polk Power technology used to help smooth airflow, sound from the input port to the human ear to enjoy, extend the overall bass of the speaker to bring warm bass, honest.

– Polk Audio S35 center speaker (1 piece) is designed with 7 drivers, with 1 high-resolution tweeter with clear high-frequency response, perfect sound reproduction. Along with 6 mid / bass drivers, the cone structure is reinforced with mica for low distortion.

– High-end subwoofer Polk Audio HTS10 (1 piece), with a 25cm bass design with exclusive “Dynamic Balance” technology, provides a powerful, smooth bass sound system.

– Modern Denon AVR-X2700H (1 piece) amplifier in 7.2-channel design with 95 W/channel power. In particular, the audio processor is compatible with the latest audio formats: Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and DTS Virtual: X.

Sound system for movies 5.1 BCXP02


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