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TOP 15 best safe smart electrical devices today

Your home will now be truly luxurious, modern, cozy and comfortable like never before with a wide range of smart electronic devices. Smart electronic devices help you optimize work productivity and be an effective assistant of each family.

Let’s explore the top 10 smart and best safe electrical appliances for your home that are trusted today.

1What is a smart electrical device?

Smart electrical devices are understood as appliances that use electricity in the home, with some additional intelligent and automatic functions integrated. Smart electrical devices make your life easier, more comfortable and more modern.

Smart devices can receive human commands remotely via voice channels, from phones, tablets or changes in the surrounding environment.

2Smart electronic device features

Ensure your home safety: your home is monitored and observed overall. All images are recorded and played on the host’s device. You can see every nook and cranny and control the whole house more easily.

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Helps limit waste of electricity and water: smart devices are limited in terms of power capacity

Easy to use. Simple control panel, quick connection and integration on many different devices, friendly interface for easy interaction.

Luxury and sophistication. These appliances generally have a sophisticated design that adds a modern touch to your home.

Convenience for the family. Ideal for families with children or large families with large spaces divided into many rooms where you can’t manage many different spaces at once.

Suitable for families. Suitable for families with small children or large families with large spaces divided into many rooms where you can’t manage many different spaces at the same time.

3 What is smart electronic equipment?

Smart electrical devices consist of many components, each with a different structure and function. Smart electronic devices usually include the following components.

Security systems

Smoke sensors

Motion sensors

This is a smart sensor device that helps distinguish between pets and people. In particular, the system sends an alarm signal to the homeowner when there is a suspicious, unauthorized intrusion.

Environmental Sensors

This type of sensor monitors temperature and humidity. If these two factors exceed the set range, the device sends a signal to the central controller, which then sends the information to the user’s phone or computer.


Alarms emit a flashing light, sound an audible alarm when a problem is detected, and are activated by the sensor and alarm button.

Door Opening Sensor

This sensor works on the door and sends an alarm to the user’s cell phone when the door is opened or closed.


Doorbell with HD LED camera

Doorbell with HD camera and LED light for night vision. The doorbell also helps to communicate with guests on video when they arrive at the door.

Interior Monitor

Information control screen with sensor status. In addition, 3S system and Dicom Smart Home integrated management screen and alarm settings

Remote control of lights and blinds

Curtain touch switch

The switch controls the opening/closing of curtains by touch or via cell phone or tablet PC. The switch has a timer function that creates an animation to open and close the curtains at specific times of the day. In particular, the switch lights up when used at night and automatically reduces the light when the user leaves the area to avoid the impact.

Smart Power Switch

This is the device used to turn on/off other devices. Users can adjust it directly through their cell phones and tablets.

Modern D-Socket

The modern tempered glass design of the socket combined with Schneider’s “socket bead” is safe and comfortable for home use.

Potentiometer Switch – DIM

DIM potentiometer switch can change and adjust the light at will. One or more lights in a room can be installed as a light life support system. The tempered design of the switch is effectively scratch and water resistant.

Sound System

Eissound Bluetooth sound system

The ceiling-mounted Bluetooth system is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to control sound from a smartphone or computer, played through a machine or the Internet or FM radio

Eissound Wifi Sound System

The system is controlled by Qualcomm’s AllPlay Jukebox via a smartphone or tablet device. You can access your music library, stream music, or play other music services.

Control System

D-HOME Central Controller

A smart home control center device with wireless technology that allows you to connect, control and manage devices remotely from your phone or computer. The device has an intelligent multilingual voice interface.

Mini Central Controller

The controller allows users to manage and control devices via the home screen and mobile app. Multiple devices can be used simultaneously.

4 Criteria for choosing a smart electrical device to purchase

Criteria for choosing to buy smart electrical devices

Choose to buy smart electrical devices that are easy to use

Trust a reputable manufacturer with genuine products, such as tamper-proof stamps or warranty stamps,…

Choose products that are easy to install, remove and use

Choose products with capacity and power requirements appropriate to the system and use needs

Prefer products with modern design that are easy to operate, flexible in any space, meet aesthetic factors, and increase the value of the home.

Select products that ensure the safety of all members, especially children and the elderly in the family

5 Price of smart electrical equipment

There are many price points for smart electrical equipment, divided into many different parts. The cost of a product generally depends on the following factors.

Number of products/per order

Manufacturer. Based on standards, processes and the equipment that makes up the product.

The structure of the house and the area where the equipment needs to be installed: The larger the house and the more floors, the more equipment needs to be installed and the higher the price.


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