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Top places to visit in the country that tourists are especially interested in in 2020

Vietnam – a small country on the world map, but there are countless destinations that are difficult to explore. With a year of receiving many prestigious awards and titles in the tourism industry, especially when Vietnam was voted by the readers of the famous magazine CN Traveler as one of the 10 best countries, it has once again confirmed. attraction of the S-shaped strip of land on the tourist map.

So which places to visit in the country that are especially interested by tourists in 2020 will be?

Domestic places that guests are particularly interested in in 2020

• Da Nang tourism

The first “candidate” mentioned is Da Nang. Da Nang tourism in recent years has grown to become the most famous tourist destination in the Central region. This central coastal land is favored by nature with many beautiful and unique landscapes that will surely captivate your heart in your next trip.

Recently, Da Nang was honored to be in the top 10 tourist trending cities in 2020. In addition to famous destinations such as Ba Na Hills, Asia Park, Marble Mountains, this city is also embellished. by shimmering bridges. And yet, this place is also the ideal “meeting point” of the summer when owning My Khe beach – one of the most attractive beaches on the planet with clear blue water, white sand and golden sunshine; fresh seafood dishes, especially friendly and open-minded people, etc. All make everyone wish to come to this city immediately.

• Travel to Sapa

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Sapa Misty City is also one of the trips chosen by many tourists. It is a highland region located in the northwest, but thanks to the construction of modern hotels and resorts, it has a very developed tourism industry. This is not what makes Sapa tourism so appealing, but coming here, visitors will enjoy the endless terraces, serene villages, and the view from the cable car up to the top of Mount Fansipan. – Indochina’s rooftops, watch the clouds float, enjoy the cool fresh air, enjoy delicious specialties,…

Ninh Binh City Tour

The land of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu has become a domestic tourist destination, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. With Chuang An, Tam Coc and many other names for tourism in Ninh Binh, no one can come here without enjoying the majestic nature, the mysterious caves and even the glorious ripe rice fields. When visiting Ninh Binh, don’t forget to experience a boat ride on the river, enjoy the beauty of the river, explore the caves,…

Pictures of Dancing Cave – Ninh Binh (Photo by Duong Thanh Van)

– Hue Tourism

When people think of Hue, they still think of the place associated with the word “history”, but not only that, the place is also endowed by nature with countless beautiful views of the sea, rivers and mountains. Hue tour will take you back to the ancient capital to see how poetic and inviting it is by visiting the architectural works of King Nguyen’s tomb, touring the poetic Perfume River, chatting with the hospitable people, etc.

Hoi An Tour

Adjacent to Da Nang is Hoi An, and 2019 is considered a successful year for the city. It is one of the most romantic destinations in the world (by CNN) and one of the most wonderful cities to visit in the world (by Travel + Leisure) affirming the foothold of the Old Town, making it a destination not to be missed when coming to the central region. The golden walls, old houses or roads and alleys stained by time and dotted with colorful lanterns are enough to charm and evoke memories for anyone. You can refer to Hoi An’s travel experience to learn more about the beauty of the old town.

Photo of Hoi An Bridge Tower

– Touring Hanoi

Hanoi is a city that is both ancient and modern, and there are many interesting things waiting for the visitors of 2020. A journey back to the capital will give you an insight into history, ancient ruins, lyrical natural landscapes and typical cuisine. Those who have been here will not be able to forget the atmosphere of Sword Lake and West Lake, the ancient tree-lined streets and the quiet corners of cafes. Refer to Hanoi travel experience to help you get a lot of information for your upcoming trip to the capital.

Ho Chi Minh City Tour

Unlike the ancient and tranquil beauty of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City emerges as the largest economic and cultural center of Vietnam with many skyscrapers full of life and hustle and bustle. Luxurious and brilliant, but Ho Chi Minh City still has many impossibly beautiful places that tourists should visit, such as Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Cu Chi Tunnels, Notre Dame Cathedral, …… This is also the place to disturb. Among many cuisines in the world. If you want to come here, please refer to Ho Chi Minh City Travel Experience for more knowledge.

Why do domestic tourist attractions get attention?

In recent years, the trend of foreign tourism can be said to be quite booming. However, most tourists still prefer domestic landmarks. There are several reasons to explain this choice.

– First. Domestic tours are usually less expensive than international tours. Tourists who choose domestic tours will pay less for transportation, meals, hotels, etc.

– Second: Vietnam is favored by nature and has many wild, majestic and stunning views that few places can boast. From the high mountains of the northeast to the rolling hills of the northwest to the stunning straits of the warm central or southern zones, there is irresistible and endless beauty everywhere.


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