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Top 10 most popular and best-selling Women’s Handbags

Not simply used to store essential items when going out anymore. Today, women’s handbags have become a fashion accessory that shows the class of women. Almost every girl will own 2 or more bags to serve her school, outing, party, etc.
Criteria for choosing each person’s bag will be different depending on their personality, preferences or the purpose of using that bag. In short, the goal of the girls is to coordinate with clothes. Make your outfit trendy and attract the eyes of others. Understanding that need, the following article we propose to you the Top 10 most popular and best-selling Women’s Handbags. So that you can make the choice that best suits your criteria. Top 10 most popular and best-selling Women’s Handbags 1. Vanoca bag VN133Appreciated by many young people for its elegant appearance as well as affordable price. Vanoca VN133 handbag from Vietnam’s Vanoca brand attracts you at first sight with its light cream color but no less sophistication.

Made of high quality leather material, soft and minimized peeling. You can easily maintain and clean the bag by gently wiping with a damp cloth to remove stains. Not to mention the box-shaped bag form; is a trend that is being sought by many young people of the product.

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It can help you store many essential items while giving you a youthful and feminine fashion style.

In addition, the light cream tone of the flap and the dark color of the body of the bag with solid seams It makes it easy to match with various clothes. From street fashion such as jeans, t-shirts to office wear, all need to be adjusted without being too rigid.

Bringing you a luxurious and youthful beauty, Vanoca women’s handbag is currently on sale at a very special price starting from only 69,000 VND.

2. High quality soft leather Botusi women’s fashion handbag + chain

Instead of using the same material as the body of the bag strap; then come to create accents as well as highlight the design of the bag. Then designers created women’s handbags with chains. Make the user’s style more fashionable.

Made of high quality soft leather with square design. Meticulous stitching, solid luxury and noble black color. Makes it easier to coordinate with outfits for parties, events or intimate meetings. The spacious bag has a roomy size of 28 x 10 x 25 cm. With the sturdy buckle, you can comfortably store personal items from wallets and phones to cosmetics.

At the same time, the stylish rectangular bag design with a prominent chain strap. Creates an impressive and attractive style for the user.

The product promotion is up to 56% and the price starts from only 159,000 VND.

3. Handbag for young women Vfashion 7VN

If you are an office girl and are looking for an equally young and fashionable handbag for women. Especially, there must be a spacious space so that you can freely bring many necessary items to the office. Then the Vfashion women’s handbag is a good choice.

Still in traditional black with silky soft leather. vfashion does not create a stiffness for girls, but still brings a feminine aesthetic thanks to the addition of a silk scarf to decorate the strap hook. The seams are embossed with a small umbrella pattern with the meticulousness of each stitch. A unique highlight is created for the bag.

In particular, the bag is equipped with both a back strap and a strap according to the user’s needs. The reasonable compartment design allows you to make the best use of the bag’s space to store items in the office.

Vfashion Women’s Handbag is being sold at a very affordable price starting at only VND105,000.

4. Katina Handbag for Women – TXG04

As a leading brand in the field of backpacks – bags in Vietnam, Hatati has been committed to providing customers with “right price, right quality” products. In order to meet women’s needs for “beautiful dressing”, the brand has recently launched a collection of Catena women’s handbags in 6 different colors. Giving you the freedom to choose your favorite color and most fashionable attire.

Catena is made of high quality synthetic leather, which is also designed to reduce scratching and peeling. The bag takes the form of a rectangular box with a flap, very respectful of the user. And especially to create a feeling of vitality and youthfulness, no matter what outfit it is combined with.

The small bag design, based on a study of body shapes, is inspired by the gentleness and elegance of Vietnamese women. Although the bag is designed to be small, the bag is relatively spacious. You can still comfortably fit your phone, wallet and some other cosmetics…

Also, Catena comes with 2 types of shoulder straps. Including shoulder straps and crossbody, depending on the need of use. As well as many colors are trending in the market, such as moss green, yellow, black, …. Loved by many girls.

Currently, the product is on sale up to 75% with the price starting from only VND99,000.

5. Lara fashion women’s handbag/shoulder bag with buckle on both sides

Guangzhou has always been known as an ideal location and a shopping paradise. Especially for fashion products such as clothes, shoes, bags, etc. It is extremely affordable due to its exquisite design and suitable for consumers’ taste. Therefore, it is loved by many people.

Originating from Guangzhou, Lala fashion women’s bags and shoulder bags not only have a youthful and unique design. Using high quality materials and sewing techniques, the price is also very suitable for your income.

Using high quality PU leather, the texture and delicacy of the edge of the product; together with the simple gray color. Bring the user a youthful and fashionable style, very elegant. Meanwhile, the bag is designed with 3 large main compartments. And the additional compartments can comfortably hold smartphones, ipads, wallets, etc. The half-pocket flap helps to hold items in place, as well as the flexible strap. You can carry it crossbody or over the shoulder depending on your preference.

Lara Women’s Handbag and Women’s Shoulder Bag are currently on sale at a discount of up to 47%. Prices start at only VND258,000.

6. The Real Diana Hatati Women’s Handbag – DN01

Inspired by the elegance and noble beauty of the famous Princess of Wales – Princess Diana. Vietnamese handbag brand Hatati has launched the Diana-DN01 fashionable handbag collection for women.


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