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Top 10 Nutritious Juices, Supporting Health Enhancement During Pandemic

“Drink 2L of water every day” is probably a familiar saying of ours. You can also add to your drink list not only purified water but also can be modified with fruit juice, helping to supplement vitamins and minerals for the body, increasing resistance during the epidemic season.
Orange juiceOrange is a spicy fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, especially suitable for supplementing the body’s resistance when sick. Drinking a glass of orange juice a day helps provide vitamin C, helps strengthen physical strength, supports the digestive system, and has a strong anti-cancer effect. However, for people with stomach and duodenal diseases and taking antibiotics, they should not take it too often, because it can cause irritation to the stomach and duodenum.

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Carrot juice

Carrots are a source of magnesium, potassium, calcium, beta-carotene, alphalipoic acid, carotenoids and vitamins, especially vitamin A, which is good for the body. Drinking carrot juice helps to increase the body’s ability to regulate, enhance vision and metabolism, and improve the immune system.

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Specially, carrot juice also supports lowering blood sugar, has cancer prevention, laxative and effective treatment of constipation. However, you should not drink too much of it, as it can cause side effects such as jaundice or menstrual disorders.

Carrots and celery are also a perfect combination. Make celery juice with a mixture of carrots, oranges and ginger to help detoxify your body and help you maintain your figure and beautiful skin.

Tomato Juice

Tomatoes contain high levels of nutrients and are the choice of many women to add to the menu for weight loss and beautiful skin. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which is good for the cardiovascular system and helps lower blood cholesterol. As with other juices, tomatoes should be consumed in moderation to avoid side effects. Remember, when juicing tomatoes, it is best to remove both the seeds and the skins. Get a juicer now, juice your tomatoes and drink them regularly! Apple Juice

Apple juice is also one of the effective juices for weight loss. Apple juice is rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and K, which are antioxidants and beneficial to the immune system. This drink also supports the treatment of anemia, chronic arthritis and helps lower blood cholesterol. Apple juice is also easy to make, all you need is a fast or slow juicer to make it. In addition to pure apple juice, you can also combine it with carrot and pineapple to form delicious and nutritious carrot apple juice and pineapple apple juice. Watermelon JuiceWatermelon juice has a cooling and detoxifying effect, which can refresh you on hot summer days. In addition, watermelon juice helps with weight loss, provides energy, supports strong bones, and fights fatigue due to an amino acid called L-citrulline.

Grapefruit juice

When it comes to grapefruit, it is a familiar food and drink used for weight loss. In addition, grapefruit also has the ability to fight cancer as well as cardiovascular problems due to the lycopene contained in grapefruit juice. However, as with orange juice, because they are high in vitamin C content, they should be consumed in moderation and not too much to damage the stomach.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice, also known as pineapple juice, provides the body with 130 calories, 33 mg of calcium, 30 mg of magnesium and 25 mm of vitamin C. Pineapple contains an important substance, bromelain, which is a plant compound. This pineapple protease substance is known to support digestion, reduce symptoms of runny nose, help heal small wounds, and especially help relieve muscle soreness and sprains.

In addition, pineapple juice contains many antioxidants that have the ability to prevent cancer. Recent studies also add that it can help reduce the symptoms of asthma, angina and bronchitis. You should drink pineapple juice regularly, at least 2 times a week, to increase your health.

Instead of drinking pineapple juice, you can change the flavor with a pineapple smoothie, which is also great! A blender can help you make this recipe in a jiffy.

Grape Juice

Grapes contain a concentration of healthy substances unmatched by any other fruit. Grape juice is loved by many women because it is anti-aging and reduces and limits the formation of wrinkles.

Grape juice also contains high levels of minerals, including calcium, iodine, copper, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Therefore, grape juice helps to treat constipation, limit heart disease, tuberculosis, arthritis, gout and liver disease. Drinking grape juice daily helps to strengthen heart protection and prevent cancer.

Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice clears heat, detoxifies the body and helps to lose weight. Pumpkin is very low in sodium, making it very beneficial for people with atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, hypertension and obesity or inflammatory kidney disease. In addition, pumpkin juice has many other uses, such as protection from the sun, heat stroke, and mild food poisoning.

However, since pumpkin juice is cold in nature, people with a cold constitution should not drink more of it, and should drink it gradually, not all at once.

Guava juice

Guava is rich in nutrients and low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. In addition, guava is also rich in fiber, vitamin C, A, zinc, manganese and potassium.

Regular and proper consumption of guava juice helps to strengthen the immune system and beautify the skin. Note: Do not drink guava juice from young green fruits. When squeezing guava juice, it is better to peel off the skin.

In addition, corn milk is also a very nutritious and healthy food to support weight gain for thin people. Check out Kim Nguyen’s blog right away, there will be many interesting articles on nutritious food, don’t forget to follow up regularly, don’t miss it!

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