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Top 6 best lead-free lipsticks that are popular today

Using leaded lipstick can make your lips dark and dull. Not only that, these lipstick lines can also be harmful to the user’s health, affecting the digestive system, changing hormones, menstrual disorders …. Therefore, one of the important criteria when choosing to buy lipstick today is to choose product lines that contain little or no lead. So what are the best and most popular lead-free lipsticks today?

Why should you use lead-free lipstick?

The lipstick lines with lead will help the lipstick last longer and have a more beautiful color. However, it also comes with many other side effects. Specifically, lipsticks containing lead can make lips dark, dull, affect the enamel system, making teeth yellow. Not only that, these lipstick lines can also be harmful to the user’s health, causing hormone changes in the body, menstrual disorders, affecting the digestive system, making the body weak.

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Top 6 Best Lead Free Lipsticks That Are Popular Today 1

In addition, if lead lipstick is used regularly over a long period of time, it can also lead to neurological damage, memory loss, and even infertility.

It is for these reasons that the use of lead-free lipsticks is becoming more and more popular and is trusted and chosen by many women.

Differentiating between leaded and lead-free lipsticks

There are many different lipsticks on the market today. However, how do you check whether a lipstick contains lead or not? To solve this problem, you can refer to some of the following methods.

Use gold rings to identify lipsticks with lead. Thus, when gold meets lead, a chemical reaction is formed that causes the lipstick to discolor. At this point, the discoloration of the lipstick varies depending on how much lead is present.

Use water to test for lead in lipsticks. If the lipstick washes out easily with water, it means that the product has no lead or very low lead content. On the contrary, if the lipstick sample is put into water and the lipstick sinks, it means that the lipstick range contains high levels of lead.

Take the lipstick to a center with special equipment to test it.

Top 6 best lead free lipsticks that are popular today

There are many lipsticks on the market today for you to choose from. However, to talk about the best and most popular lead free lipsticks today, you certainly cannot ignore the top 6 below.

1. Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lead Free Lipstick

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte is also a very popular model of lead-free lipsticks today. The main ingredient of this lipstick line is castor oil, which is obtained from castor beans. This essential oil has a good moisturizing effect that creates shine on the lips as well as helps the lipstick color to be evenly distributed on the lips. In addition, the product also contains soybean oil and olive oil extract. These two ingredients are both moisturizing, anti-aging and softening for the lips, as well as effective in protecting them from UVA and UVB rays.

The body of this lip balm is designed with a solid and eye-catching silver casing. The tip of the lipstick has a slight bevel to make it easier to apply the lipstick on the lips. This Clinique lead-free lipstick has a matte finish but still ensures smooth and non-drying lips. The lipstick also has an even color that hides lip lines for fuller, more attractive lips.

The lipstick palette for this product line is also very diverse, with eight different shades to suit many different makeup styles. However, Clinique Long Lasting Soft Lipstick is very easy to stick to the cup, cups, and often drifts quite a bit when eating or drinking.

2. Rouge Dior Lipstick

Rouge Dior lipstick is also the best-selling lead-free lipstick model at the moment. The main ingredients of this lipstick are natural extracts such as mango oil, aloe vera extract and plant essential oils. As a result, the lipstick improves elasticity and provides natural moisture to the lips, making them smoother and brighter. In addition, this product also nourishes the lips, helps heal damage on the lips as well as helps prevent signs of aging on the lips.

Top 6 Best Lead Free Lipsticks That Are Popular Today 3

The palette of this Dior lipstick is also very diverse, with 11 different lipstick colors to help women choose freely according to their needs and style. This lipstick has a luxurious cylindrical design that has a uniquely designed Dior logo. The lipsticks here are also very diverse, ranging from satin to matte, thin and moisturizing.

However, this Rouge Dior lipstick also has its drawbacks. Specifically, for matte lipstick, the product drifts quite fast and tends to smear on cups and bowls when eating and drinking.

3. BBIA Last Lipstick Version 4

BBIA Last Lipstick Version 4 is a famous line of lead-free lipsticks from Korea. The main ingredients of this product line are glycerin and polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate …… Thanks to this, your lips will be moisturized, softened, and effectively protected against the external environment. The product contains lip softening ingredients, so your lips will always be comfortable and gentle, even after applying lipstick.

Top 6 Best Lead Free Lipsticks That Are Popular Today 4

The design of this BBIA lipstick is quite simple with a plastic case, but it is quite firm in your hand. The lipstick here is very soft and does not create dust when applied on the lips. Not only that, this product also has a fairly standard coloring ability and is very effective in hiding imperfections on the lips such as lip marks or dark lips …..

This BBIA Last Lipstick Version 4 Lead Free Lipstick also has good color adhesion and can last up to 5 hours if you don’t eat or drink. This lipstick is fragrance free, so it is safe even for people who are allergic to the smell.

4. M.A.C The Matte Lipstick Lead Free Lipstick

M.A.C The Matte Lipstick is also one of the best selling lipstick lines today. The main ingredients of this product are dimethicone, isoeicosane, Ceresin…


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