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TOP 6 BEAUTIFUL HEATS worth buying in 2022

Beach hats, beach hats are one of the essential items that must be carried on beach trips. In addition to shading, it also helps to elevate the outfit to become much more trendy and attractive. A beautiful hat also contributes to the birth of quality beach photos.

If you are looking for a beach hat but are confused about which style to buy, then read the following article. Because ELLY high-end fashion accessories will help you answer these questions through the topic: Top 6 most “worth buying” beach hats in 2022.

Panama wide-brimmed sedge hat

This is probably the “best” sedge hat in the years 2020-2021, loved by many young people. With natural sedge material, moderate width brim, panama hat shape is suitable for most styles from lady to active or personality. So it’s not surprising that this hat is so popular.

While protecting the skin from the harsh sunlight and being stylish and attractive, the panama wide-brimmed sedge hat is really one of the must-have accessories when going to the beach. Because of its excellent ability to protect the skin from the sun, this is an item that always appears in picnics, going to the beach…

Bucket hat

Tổng hợp Mũ Đi Biển Đẹp giá rẻ, bán chạy tháng 8/2022 - BeeCost

If you are planning to go to the beach, you should buy a bucket hat right away because it is called the “summer hat”. As soon as you see a bucket hat, you know that summer will come soon. Therefore, this hat is indispensable in the list of items for going to the beach.

Although small, the design is equally attractive. Bucket hats come in many designs, with a wide variety of colors and patterns on the hat, so it can satisfy the most demanding guests.

The great beach hat

In 2021, this is the hat style that will resonate the most because of its innovative and unique design. Thanks to its considerable size, it can help protect you from the sun in the best possible way, and in addition, it can make your photos look very stylish.

With the above-mentioned advantages, you should buy one right away for your upcoming beach trip. Due to the large size, learn how to fold your hat to make sure that your hat will keep its original shape.

You should pair the ultimate beach hat with summer outfits such as maxi dresses, jumpsuits. Even a sexy one-piece swimsuit or bikini looks great. This hat will help the wearer look luxurious, sexy and feminine.


This all season hat is certainly indispensable in the list of top beach hats. A hat with a simple design, either plain or printed with a text or logo …… are very easy to coordinate. The youthful design of the hat is perfect for wearing on the beach, creating a very strong, fresh outfit with a summer vibe.

Sagebrush hat style with tassels

The sarong hat with tassel makes women look more energetic and temperamental. If you are quite bored with the usual hat styles, then the tassel sarong hat is the right choice to refresh your style. This saltire has a unique brim but is still very soft and feminine. Women are spoiled for choice with many different sets without getting bored. On the contrary, it will be more attractive and interesting every time you walk on the beach.

Half Head Sun Hat

Has the same design as a regular hat, but the back part is missing. The brim is designed to be quite wide to help keep the sun out while exercising or walking in the ocean. This hat is both modern and stylish, and is very fashionable for beach wear.

Because of the open design, this hat gives a very airy feel, but because of this, it is not suitable for going out in the sun. Ignoring this detail, this is a very stylish hat that is easy to wear with simple and stylish outfits.

These are the best hats to buy to prepare for your upcoming beach trip. Which hat impressed you the most? Of course, there are many other accessories you need to pack for the beach besides hats. If you want to learn and shop for fashion accessories such as bags, backpacks, glasses, shoes, wallets, belts …… Then come to ELLY – one of the highest level fashion accessories brands in Vietnam. ELLY has a system of over 60 showrooms nationwide and has been known as a brand that offers quality and fashion accessories. Come to ELLY today for advice and style shaping for everyone.


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